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Specializing In Various Modalities 

Members Lounge  50
.50 Hr. Swedish 60
 1.0 Hr. Swedish 90
 1.0 Hr. Deep Tissue 130
.50 Hr. Esalen 75
1.0 Hr. Esalen 150
1.0 Hr. Tantra 200
1.0 Hr. Esalen/Tantra 250
VIP 1.5 Hr. Esalen/Tantra Combo 500
Couples 1.0 Hr. Swedish 250
Couples 1.0 Hr. Esalen 450
VIP Services Are For Black Card Members Only

New Client Lounge: 15 Min. 40. Partake In A 15 Minute Chat, Complimentary Beverage & Hors d'oeuvres. Get Acquainted With The Specialist Of M.D.P. Get Abreast On The Array Of Packages And Choose Your Course.

Members Lounge: .50 Hr. 50. Scrolling The Website And See A New Specialist You're Interested In Scheduling A Session With; Partake In The Members Lounge And Spend 30 Minutes Chatting, Browsing Over The Service And Meal Menu, Indulging In Fine Wines, Cocktails & Hors d' oeuvres.

Esalen: 1.0 Hr. 150. Be Empowered And Renewed With The Exchange Of Positive Energy Through Nurturing Healing Long Strokes, Sculpting Of The Musculature And Stretching With The Incorporation Of Precision Acupressure. A Therapeutic Sensual Session That Will Leave You With Physical And Psychological Soundness.  

Fantasy: .50 Hr. 150/1.0 Hr. 300. Stimulate And Invigorate Awakening The Sense Of Sight And Touch. Offered In Half Hour Increments.

Swedish (Traditional Massage): 90 Hr. Relaxing Full Body Work Session With Many Medicinal Benefits Using A Combination Of Various Modalities Including Long, Flowing, Light To Medium Pressure Strokes To Aid In Circulation Relieving Tension, Relaxation And Joint Stiffness Giving You A Sense Of Total Well Being.

Hot Stone: 1.0 Hr. 130. Traditional Techniques Incorporated With The Use Of Steam Water Heated Stones. Resulting In Deeper Muscle Relaxation Easing Tense Muscles & Damaged Soft Tissue Throughout The Body.

Traditional Thai: 1.0 Hr. 120. Concentrates On Deep Tissues By Applying Fingers Arms And Elbows Along The Whole Body. Including A Wide Variety Of Stretching And Yoga Postures. Improves Circulation Relieves Pain And Aides In Total Relaxation.

Trigger Point Therapy: 1.0 Hr. 130. Concentrated Pressure Applied To The Contracted Muscle Which Caused The Trigger Point. Muscles In A Contracted State Reduce Blood Flow Resulting In A Reduced Supply Of Oxygen And A Build Up Of Metabolic Waste.

Shiatsu Therapy (Acupressure/Meridian Therapy): A Japanese Form Of Acupressure. Finger Pressure Techniques Applied To Various Pressure Points Along The Musculature. Restoring Circulatory System, Improving Blood Flow And Removing Blockages By Realigning Meridian Points. 

Oriental Foot Therapy: .50 Hr. 65. Pressuring Fingers On The Reflective Points, The Soles, Calves, And Legs. Relieves Tightness Of The Muscles.

Reflexology (Hand & Foot): .50 Hr. 45.  Zone Therapy. Applied Pressure To The Feet And Hands With Specific Thumb Finger And Hand Techniques Without The Use Of Oil Or Lotion. 

4 Hand Swedish: 1.0 Hr. 200. Enjoy A Full Body Work Session With The Luxury Of Two Specialist.

Quick Fix Therapeutic: .50 Hr. 40. All Kinked Up And Tight. Get Those Kinks Worked Out Fast. No Clothing Removed Or Oils Used.

Detox Bath: .50 Hr. 80. Stressed, Muscle And Joint Soreness, Congestion, Skin Conditions...  This Is Perfect For You. With The Use Of A Combination Of Various Herbs And Essential Oils. You'll Leave Energized, Purified, And Relaxed.

Bio Seaweed Mud Treatment: 1.0 Hr. 180. Active Seaweeds Penetrate The Skin For The Ultimate In Purifying, Firming And Stimulating To Rehydrate And Repair Skin, Increase Circulation And Refine Skin Texture.

Aloe Body Wrap: 1.0 Hr. 150. A Luxurious Spa Service That Will Slim, Detoxify, Moisturize, Tighten And Tone Your Skin To Perfection.

Hand & Foot Paraffin Treatment: .50 Hr. 70. Heat Therapy To Relieve Stiffness And Pain As Well As Moisturize For Healthier Looking Skin.

Body Scrub & Shower (Sugar or Salt): .50 Hr. 80. Invigorate And Renew By Gentle Exfoliation Of The Dermis Leaving Skin Radiant, Supple And Moisturized.

Swedish Body Work Session & Shower: .50 Hr. 100. Enjoy A 20 Minute Swedish Session Followed By A 10 Minute Shower With The Option Of Self Clean Or Assisted Clean.

Body Bliss:  1.0 Hr. 220.  Stimulate The Sense Of Sight With a FBSBWS  + Shower.

FBSBWS: 1.0 Hr. 100. Full Body Sensual Body Work Session.

Red Table: 1.0 Hr. 200. Specially Designed Table For Extreme Muscle Body Bliss.

Bikini Nuru: 1.0 Hr. 250. Gel  Or Oil Body Glide.

Beach Nuru: 1.0 Hr. 300. Sight Is Aroused With The Use Of Oil Or Gel Body Glide.

Extreme Body Bliss: 1.5 Hr. 350. Enjoy A Swedish/Tantra Combination Body Work Session + Body Scrub + Assisted Clean.

Fantasy Island: 1.0 Hr. 300. Experience Pure Pleasure With Esalen Gliding Techniques A Non Therapeutic Nurturing Sensuous Stimulating Session.

Brazilian Wax: 50 Min. 65. Hard Wax Or Soft Wax Methods.

Brazilian Man Scape: .50 Hr. 50. The Removal Of Hair Using Various Methods Other Than Wax.

Aromatic Oil Aromatherapy: 45 Min. 75. A Combination Of Modalities Applied With The Use Of Essential Oil For Total Enhancement Of Body And Mind. With Focus On Pressure Points.

Hydro Steam Facial: 45 Min. 70. Detoxify, Resurface And Condition With The Use Of Water Steam And An Exfoliant.

Pedicure: 30 Min. 40. Foot Soak, Cleaning Of Nails, Cuticle Treatment, Polish Selection And Application.

Extreme Foot Therapy: 60 Min. 80. Soak In Aromatic Essential Oils & Herbs. Paraffin Treatment, Mud Wrap, Scrub, Cleaning Of Nails, Cuticle Treatment, Polish Selection And Application.

Jacuzzi: .50 Hr. 50. Relax And Unwind And Allow The Jets To Soothe You.


Hot Towel, Jacuzzi, Shower, Spa Baths.....

King For A Day: 1.5 Hours Of Pampering With Your Specialist.  Enjoy A Fantasy Island Session, 3 Beverages,  Jacuzzi, Shower (Self Clean or Assisted Clean) 450.

King For A Day VIP: 2 Hours of Pampering With Your Specialist. Your Choice Of Body Work Session, 4 Beverages Or Bottle Service (Limit 1 Bottle) Hors d' oeuvres, Shower (Self Clean or Assisted Clean) Body Scrub, Jacuzzi, Hydro Facial, Hand & Foot Paraffin Treatment. 600.

King & Queen: Be In Tandem With Your Significant Other. 2.5 Hours Of Pampering With Your Specialist, Esalen Body Works, 8 Beverages Or Bottle Service (Limit 2 Bottles)  Unlimited Wet Area Access, Hydro Facial, Body Scrub, Pedicure, Foot Therapy, Hand & Foot Paraffin Treatment, Detox Spa Bath, Mud Wrap, Hors d'oeuvres, Meal Selection And Preparation By Chef. 700.

The Royal Court: 1.5 Hours Of Pampering With Two Specialist Of Your Choice. Enjoy A Fantasy Island Session, 4 Beverages Or Bottle Service (Limit 1 Bottle) Hors d' oeuvres, Jacuzzi, Shower (Self Clean or Assisted Clean) Meal Selection And Preparation By Chef. 800.

Gold Card Membership: 300. Valid For 6 Months. Enjoy Discount Packages Of 15% Off Each Visit, Semi Monthly Complimentary Gifts, Wet Area Access, Hors d' oeuvres, Beverages.

Black Card Membership: 400. VIP Membership Valid For 6 Months. Enjoy Discount Packages Of 20% Off Each Visit, Monthly Complimentary Gifts, Unlimited Wet Area Access, Email Invites To Members Only Events Including But Not Limited To Silhouettes, Casino Royale, And The Burlesque Show. Hors d' oeuvres, Bottle Service, 1 Monthly Personalized Meal By Private Chef, All Access To VIP And Member Services (Members Menu Available Upon Request At Location)

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